FAITH is an expression of belief .  It portray your strong principle that illuminate your pride.  Made with high quality jersey fabric  with few ways to style it. You just can't go wrong with FAITH.

Wearing FAITH is just so easy. Its a 'Wear n Go' hijab. ;)

1. Just slide through the hijab and you are actually done here. You have a nicely drape at the front with sufficient length to cover your bosom.

As for more dramatic effect of the drape.

2. Pinch a small area of fabric at the back and bring it onto the front. Then adjust it to stay nicely on your crown. There should be enough fabric at the back to cover your nape.

3. Pin at the side to secure it in place and you are done with this second look of FAITH.

1. Wear your FAITH comfortably. Twist by bringing the rear to the front.

2. Adjust it nicely and you are done.

3. Accessorize it as you like and be beautiful.


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